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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2012 6:31pm-7:01pm PST

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find one size fits all, and this does not. what i think this will do is in that venue, it could be the one you are talking about, but it would not necessarily be one size fits all. it would be relevant to the operation, and in some cases if there is across the seems too high, they have the option of closing it because the venue operators do not necessarily
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rely on parking lot stereos -- parking lots. >> a problem that is happening at a parking lot and a nighttime menuvenue, the parking lot coule essential. >> i mean to close it at night. >> it just sounded so cavalier. >> i did not mean that. the answer is it is not one size fits all. we use the same methodology when we get entertainment permits. we know entertainment permits are different.
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we will assume the police will look at in relation to the lot that is being talked about. >> because of the holidays, i am curious as to whether you have had the ability gif the parking lots versus the facilities and a 1000-foot radius, and also, has there been any correlation with the parking lot size or its correlation to a venue sizemore? >> regarding the gif, and we are working on that, and the maps were not ready to night. the percentage of the city where entertainment permits are
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allowed is really small. it is not much of the city, so none of this would have an impact beyond those parts of the city, so the parking lot is outside the area. what was the second question? >> is there any correlation to activities in relation to the size of the parking lot or the venue it is near? fax i do not know. -- >> i do not know. one of the worst ones we had was next to skips for a long time. that is not a big lot at all, but may have ensued. perhaps what about this issue of driving the mayhem?
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that is a law enforcement issues. >> it is commo, and there is no, but a dark parking lots where people can come together become parties of themselves and in front of someone's home is less likely, although it could happen, although i do not think there is as much of a tendency to preload in a neighborhood. >> this would only be applicable to 1,000 feet? >> that is correct. >> i just want to go back to the idea about whether you would consider rolling it out incrementally based on the
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parking lots have been having chronic problems, see how it goes, and that would give the other parking lots some time to evaluate and different rollout schedule. >> i think that is a good idea, and i would bring it back to strikes since we have the holiday and did not get a chance to oust all of those questions, if the parking lot of those have those entities in its zoloft, -- in its lot and can afford to close, they would incur more costs to be able to allow their customers in and out
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access, so i want to know if that was ever given consideration. >> i do not think it ever came oup, so we are happy to look ino it. commissioner o'connor: i am wondering if the police department would consider allowing the police to distinguish between which lots need these plans and which lots do not end of their be some discretion they decide on based on the history and the location. >> i am not sure the police department always collects the data in a way that is tied to the lot, so that has always been an issue.
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>> i am not sure how things have changed, but each station used to have a permit officer. i do not know if that has changed. they do? that permit officer would know it's a lot was a problem, and they would be able to say, we need help with this, because it is not our responsibility to police this lot all the time. >> any other questions? i would like to weigh in. in one of the disadvantages of coming in last is everyone's questions always get asked. commissioner o'connor asked first. i will dayan on as the eye and not crazy about this legislation.
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-- i will be honest on this and say i am not crazy about this legislation. i worry about how this is going to be handled. this is not the first time legislation has come up like this but would initially go out potentially as a letter to people telling them that no rules have changed -- that the rules have changed or something has been decided upon. for me to go along with this, i would want to insist upon something like commissioner o'connor alluded to. i do not except it does not possible to identify problematic parking lots from those that do not have a problem. i believe where there is a will, there is a way, and it should be
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possible to somehow implement a procedure whether through an administrative process with the police department, and it would be great to allow parking lot operators across the board to know about this as part of an outreach process, because i worry some people may not know about it, and i would rather see some consequence of not doing something about it. i think that would be appropriate after someone has been given a fair warning, we have a problem with parking lots. we want to address it, and we need to put a plan together. we want you to think about what you can do to mitigate it.
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it is better that you deal with it. does anyone have any discussion? were these well with lots where the problems occurred bowman region -- were these well-lit lots where these occurred? if we are in areas with problems, we will try to make sure there is a lights illuminated during dark because asset has set an immediate impact on what kinds of activity goes on there. anyone dealing drugs will instinctively run away from whites. does anyone have a discussion a will instinctively run away from life'ghts. does anyone have a discussion about that? >> we pointed at the requirement
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and said, they have to me that minimum. the police chief is able to require more light in the parking facility. the whole conversation is not just about entertainment issues. there are also auto thefts and break-ins and personal security, so these are not things to lose sight of in the conversation. >> was there any study to see if there was a correlation between done? >> not that i am aware of. >> i would like to see something that would try to leave people who do not have a problem today alone and try to pinpoint this and take the time and effort involved.
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without any questions, and i will open it is to public comment. >> i have two speaker cards. public comments are limited to 3 minutes. please speak your name for the record. >> i am one of the owners of the great american musical, and i have the honor of during strictly bluegrass with the late mr. hellman. the parking lot is very well lit, and there is no attendant. there are a lot of problems, and there are a lot of rogue parking lots that are not attended the people own, and they will pay cash, and once it is awful, --
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once it is full, they will leave. we have very little problems. it works very well. what i have noticed is people are drinking in their cars in the parking lots before they come to clubs. they are acting like they are 18. i do not know if it has to do with the economy, but they are coming to the club already drunk, and they are doing things in a costco parking lot and acting like children. i feel like the attendant was an asset instead of putting in a machine.
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we close at midnight because we are live music, and and i have a parking lot only used for the band and crew. i leave to people out there until 3:00 in the morning so there is no going on in the back of our parking lot. we also have cc tv. when people have broken into cars you cannot tell who they are because they all have to black hoodies and baggy clothes. cc tv does not make any sense. i think hoodlums are not going to be identifiable by circuit tv. it is a problem that really does exist, and it is not only for children. iraq's 30 more seconds.
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good >> are really believe lightning is an -- >> 30 more seconds. >> i really believe lightning is an issue. what i would like to say quickly is and we all thought what ever we are paying for employees, we were all imposed -- opposed to it. it works. i think this worlulsd work for parking lots. >> next speaker. >> my name is steven lee. i am the 12-year owner of the glass capt. there is a starbucks, a wells fargo bank parking lot but is open. i have been dealing with this for 12 years.
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i am going to give you a couple of things. we have 30 employees. 15 our security. our patrons park close to an a block away. going back to finding out if there are incidents, you can check with the sfpd. we have been sued for having confrontations' because our security is trying to keep the neighborhood quiet because we have a condo on all four sides. they are coming across the bay. they cruised into the lot. they wait until our patrons finely go to the parking lot, and and they end up parking themselves there and start making noise. we have to send security to try to mitigate the problem and keep the noise and down a period of police and everyone puts pressure on us in that
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situation. sometimes if there are no altercations and we find out our customers' cars got broken into and they are crying and screaming that they lost their credit cards and purses and all about. there is an attendant in the beginning, and at 12:00 they take up and split. i think it is irresponsible. i understand the small business people, but what about us among we incur a lot of costs to protect the neighborhood. on fourth street i practically secure the whole street. i have a guard who monitors the parking lot to make sure there is no breaking into for our customers say. here is the problem. now you have shootings. it only takes one year ago and -- it only takes one.
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the big parking lot shooting they had behind temple, and luckily caltrans is building a new terminal concep, so they cl. there are some with no attendance. they should close it. people the break into a parking lot will get arrested, but if they are not usable because there is no attendant, they should do that, but right now there is not one. they say, we are not responsible for lost items, but why do we have to do the burden of protecting our lots when the insurance do not cover itsel? >> can i ask a question? you are saying people come from
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outside, and with no attendant there is nothing to stop them from parking in the car? >> yes. >> how would an attendant decide whether to let them in or not? >> if they had of sense. -- a fence. i have no way of channeling and who pays and who does not. you can at least keep these people out, even if they have to shut the gate. at least they are attending their own property. that solves a big problem right there. trucks it would keep him from staying in their cars and drinking. they would make sure they park their cars and left the parking lot. >> there is no one officially able to call 911.
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we do not own that parking lot, so how can we call the police for help, and they end up getting blamed for it. it is a catch-22. i understand how much it costs to have the ticket taker. >> do we have any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner o'connor: i was definitely thinking hard about both of your comments, and a couple of ideas pass through my head. those lawsuitots were very heav.
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i do not know if they are going to close a lot because you are dark, but there're other things that are going to attract business. those are significant loss that should be able to be staffed. this reiterate my point about a police permit officer which is how we all used to have to get our permits. the permit officer would be the one to decide which conditions and which securities. that goes to the entertainment commission, but i think the police department could weigh in on these matters and what lots should require. there are definitely lots that need supervision, and a lot is going to have a way more impact.
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you have to go and hire the right person who is going to get a job done. you are going to have to try out a few people because it is not an easy job. those examples are right on. they are not being staffed. it does end up giving the entertainment community of black 5. i know there have been problems. i just want to weigh in and agree there are definitely
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problematic lots. part of it is the one i oversee i wish it was busier. clubs, the amount of security it who you have hinges on how busy you are going to be that night. if you have 100 people you cannot afford tight security. it does not work. we have all learned how to try to protect our immediate neighbors and be good neighbors. commissioner clyde: i just want to say i think this is the beauty of the process. we can get detailed clarification around legislation, and i want to say
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it is a valuable process, because i have to say i will support this legislation. i understand it gives the police chief the ability to promulgate rules for securities. it authorizes this work from the chief of police, and the security plans are individualized, and i believe the problem is graves, and i believe it is coming and worse. -- is becoming worse. i walked 3:00 thursday in the afternoon to yesterday, and the things i saw on the street astounded me. there were fights. there were almost 5/8, and it was 3:30 in the afternoon in the
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day, so i believe i am ready sooto recommend this. i believe this will protect our night life and clubs. anything will make the general area safe for a very good people are walking in the financial district, in north beach, in the mission district, so these larger venues, a police district people can establish what is going on, so i am ready to support this. >> i want to support both of our
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public speakers. i think our nightlife is under attack for other reasons, and it is a billion dollar industry we need to enhance. you really opened up my eyes. i actually parked there. >> you you drink? as i do not drink in my car. i have actually seen people partying in their cars before going to slim's, and i have a tremendous amount of respect for and director kane. i like commissioner o'connor's idea of some kind of a food
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truck we can add. i know there is controversy, but i liked that idea. i like the there could been a win-win situation. >> it would come down to what is defined as a staffer. >> if you left it how it used to be with the permiting officers at each station, and there are issues, and sgt shock does deal with it. gooi like hearing from the industry, because i want to do everything i can to help your industry. you employ a lot of people, and
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there are a lot of small businesses. iraq's commissioners, to questions. -- >> commissioners, two questions. i am disappointed i am not able to see the mapping and taking a look at the venue. from what i hear taking a look at the parking lot waith starbucks and wells fargo, those are entities that can be established that they have the ability to afford attendance, and we see there are situations where it can be afforded, because it is not required, they
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do not have to do so. i do not want to been in the position that we pass without having the ability to look at mapping and understanding the parking lots in relation to 1,000 foot in dealing with the difficulty of compliance. >> do we know when we can get that information? can we request its? >> i know the planning department is working on this. we are redoing it, so it could be within a week or two. >> it is something we can refer to, because we can review it.


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